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Big Shine, Big Mission, Big Spotlight The Business Bootcamp!

Make Your Dream Business a Reality


Calling all Enlightened Entrepreneurs, Mentors,
Coaches, Trainers, Therapists



See our Course Diary for the latest Business Bootcamp Course Dates.

Take the BIG Leap into Your Spotlight 5 focused, fast-paced, powerful days to boost you & your results! Get clear, get aligned, get strategies, get the bold action plan, JFDI!



Shift your interior compass and create a new alchemy in your life. Get ready to go beyond your limitations. Time to dream bigger...

‘Kathryn Temple is by far one of the most caring and daring people in the field! It takes both to be as effective as Kathryn is! Her vast knowledge, motivation, flexibility, and drive will take you to greater heights of success than you can imagine because she won't quit, and won't let you, either! Her dedication is to your success and will do whatever it takes to help you get where you want to be in your life. I highly recommend Kathryn for your adventures into success.’
John La Valle, President, The Society of NLP Co-author of Persuasion Engineering® with Dr Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have much more success than you do? Do you sometimes struggle in lack and limitation? Do you have a bigger dream fro your life and your business, but no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to make it a reality?

• Be a conscious entrepreneur and thought-leader
• Take your business to the next level - attract more attention, more clients, more income
• Do The Dreamwalker with me and build that big vision - then earth it!
• Develop your dynamic business plan using the 7 chakras to create enlightened success
• Build your business blueprint by using my Consistent Cash-Flow Pyramid
• Learn the step-by-step secrets to how I made £132k in 6 weeks
• Sell with grace and ease and build your service ethic
• Keep clients from slipping through your fingers
• Get an action plan that gets you across the rainbow bridge from where you are to where you wish to be
• Discover the 4 laws of energetic attraction and the keys to spiritual and financial prosperity
• Discover the 7 keys to build your personal brand
• Leverage and package your expertise
• Laser in on your ideal clients and learn to connect with them in easy ways
• Put passion and purpose right into the heart of your business
• Overcome blocks and barriers to success and wealth creation
• Turn adversity into opportunity
• Conquer fear and create the critical steps to developing an action mind-set
• Tune in to your intuition more deeply and use it as a compass to guide you
• Use your story to build your brand and attract customer loyalty
• Get the 'how to' skill-set that sets your business apart from the rest
• Learn how to develop your online business, create powerful products, teleseminars and tele-series
• Learn to navigate and use social media with grace and build your tribe

'Just do it! Your life will get richer, wealthier, and more exciting and more joyful and much happier. Already in 90 days my income doubled and by the end of just this year I'm looking to increase my business ten-fold, and who knows then - to infinity and beyond!" Gabrielle Gache, Success Mentor "Kath's spark ignited something in me and within 24 hours of her suggestion I had pitched an idea to Richard Branson... I am now about to sign a deal ... Without Kath's generosity and insight I would still be struggling to identify the way forward instead of being on the edge of my life completely transforming."
Stephen Daltrey, The Millionaire Coach

"Kath Temple has elevated me to a place I thought I'd never get to. I have absolute confidence in what I'm taking forward and I have an absolute passion and it shows. I've got exciting events and retreats planned in the UK and overseas for the coming year. I've developed my programme and can turn that into wealth I hadn't dreamed of before. I can have the wealth and abundance I want. It's been every single penny well spent. Put your life in an amazing place!"
Ian Rowlands, Director of Wild Soul and Planet Whale

"I thoroughly recommend that you take every opportunity to learn as much from Kath as you can. Your life will be much richer for so doing. She is very inspirational and motivational, helping to show what is possible and clarifying the steps along the way. She has helped me give life to a dream and define key life goals. With Kath you get what you see, a very energetic and vibrant person driven to help you succeed, using all her intelligence and wisdom. As a leader with a big vision and a big heart, my life is changed for the better as a result of her mentorship."
Dr Ian McEwan, Finance & Commercial Director, RAND UK & Europe

"My life has changed beyond recognition since I did Kath's courses and her mentoring programme. I have just been appointed the Deputy Chair of The Youth Parliament, in addition to setting up my business to Jumpstart social enterprises. I've been on radio and in the press and am having great success and a great time."
Louise Botright, CEO, Jump

"Kath's skills go beyond her impressive range of qualifications, teaching and mentoring abilities. She possesses an almost unique talent to motivate groups and individuals ... there is no doubt in my mind, that Kath offers the 'X' Factor often needed to succeed."
Peter Beales, Global Business Development Manager, Elite Controls Systems & Asset Guardian Solutions

"In my 20 years experience as an academic, facilitator, and consultant, I can confidently say that Kathryn is the most accomplished, professional, and charismatic trainer/change agent that I have come across. She pursues her work with the utmost integrity, taking care to ensure that her interventions are supported by sound theoretical principles and evidence. She is a consummate professional who is totally dedicated to the wellbeing of her audience and clients. She is peerless as a presenter and communicator. She radiates enthusiasm for her subject, which she delivers with passion and immense dexterity. As a participant on her workshops I witnessed first hand her unique ability to convey profound insights with empathy, energy and ease to people from diverse backgrounds. Kathryn has authentic charisma which she uses in an ethical way to promote the wellbeing of people that she works with. She relates to everyone with sincerity and professionalism, thus creating the conditions for positive change."
Professor Monder Ram, OBE


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