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Emotional Freedom Technique


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EFT Practitioner

This course is advertised on Gary Craig's site and meets his approved standards. Our certification carries his Seal of Approval and the Seal of AAMET, the professional body for EFT.

Kath Temple, was asked to assist Gary Craig at his only UK appearance at The Reebok Stadium.  She is an Expert Practitioner and Trainer and has trained many of the EFT Masters in NLP for EFT too.

Training like no other! Take EFT to higher levels with a uniquely empowering, energising, inspiring training to Gary Craig’s approved seal! Gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to be an exquisite agent of change, facilitating phenomenal results fast. Your success, confidence and flair with EFT is my aim. We incorporate aspects of solution-focused NLP to get phenomenal results fast. You will find Kath Temple a warm, friendly, generous, highly experienced & supportive trainer. She is honoured to have assisted at Gary’s only UK appearance. As an MSc psychologist, EFT Trainer, EFT Advanced Prac, NLP Trainer and NLP Master, she creates memorable and energising experiences that will remain with you long after the training has ended. She has a thriving private and corporate practice and knows the secrets of therapeutic change. Enjoy deep insights, deep learnings and meta-shifts! When we touch one life we change the future- let us change yours and all those you connect with!


EFT - the Emotional Freedom Technique - is the missing piece to the healing puzzle.  Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies, EFT has been clinically effective in tens of thousands of cases.  It provides dramatic relief for trauma and abuse, panic and anxiety, fears and phobias, depression, obsession and addictions.  EFT provides rapid resolution of psychological problems and it is longlasting and gentle.  It involves no drugs and uses acupressure points and energy meridians alongside psychological techniques to remove emotional blocks and restore emotional freedom and balance.  Properly applied over 80% of clients achieve either complete elimination of the problem or a noticeable improvement. 

EFT often works when nothing else will.

We can provide you with an accredited training and registration as an EFT Practitioner (Level 2) and EFT Advanced Practitioner (Level 3) with the AAMET - The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies. Your training will be delivered by an AAMT accredited EFT Trainer listed as an expert practitioner on the AAMT site.  The syllabus is approved at Level 2 for the EFT Practitioner course and at Level 3 for the EFT Advanced Practitioner course.  These courses fully meet Gary Craig's requirements.

AAMET Accredited Introductory EFT
This AAMET approved one-day workshop introduces EFT and explains the theory in more detail. You will learn the "basic recipe", see demonstrations of the technique, and be given the opportunity to learn several ways to use it. We allow time for participants to tap on their own issues.

AAMET Accredited EFT Practitioner
A three-day workshop on which you can learn additional tapping points, ways to work more gently, finding core issues, looking at physical issues, testing results, and working on the telephone and in groups. This is the course for those who have completed Level 1 training and who want demonstrations, practice and lively discussion. It will cover PTSD, addictions, and a range of other EFT applications.

Time to take your learning to the next level with a uniquely empowering, energising, inspiring training to Gary Craig’s approved Level 2 requirements! This is training like no other. Gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to be an exquisite agent of change, facilitating fast, longlasting results. We incorporate aspects of NLP solution-focused approaches to get phenomenal results fast. You will find me a warm, friendly, highly experienced & supportive host. Kath Temple is  honoured to have assisted at Gary Craig’s only UK appearance. She has studied learning at MSc level and as a psychologist, EFT Trainer, EFT Advanced Practitioner, NLP Trainer and NLP Master, she creates memorable and energising experiences that will remain with you long after the training has ended. She has much to share with you and you will find her a generous trainer - your success and confidence is her delight. She has a rich range of experience to share from a thriving private and corporate practice - and she knows the secrets of therapeutic change. Be prepared for laughter, deep insights, deep learnings and meta-shifts! When we touch one life we change the future! Let us change yours and all those you connect with! Kath Temple has put this training into hospitals, gatherings of psychiatrists and psychologists, schools, worked with children with special needs, teenagers with behavioural problems, as well as in coaching and corporate training.  She is the Trainer of Trainers, the Coach to the Coaches, the Therapist to the Therapists, the Consultant to the Consultants.  Why go to anyone else!

Choose The Best!

  • This is training like no other! We have a unique groundbreaking approach to
    training and learning that gets dramatically different results fast. 
  • We are the trainers of trainers, coaches to the coaches,  therapist to therapists. 
  • We know our business inside out, that’s why people seek us out. 
  • Very few in this field have the depth of experience to do justice  to  the  work.
  • Kath Temple brings her unique style and extensive  experience  as  a 
    psychologist to inspire and delight you.   Her extensive work  in psychology,
    EFT, NLP, solution-focused  psychotherapy and hypnotherapy allows her
    bring to you deep learnings and far-reaching connections that will serve
    you  well for  the  rest  of  your  life.  
  • She will share with you rich experiences and delightful  insights
    that are truly the difference that make the difference with EFT. 
  • She assisted the creator of EFT, Gary Craig, at his training at the Reebok
    Stadium in the UK, has worked with the creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler
    for almost 6 years, and with Paul McKenna, who regularly refers clients to her. 
  •  She integrates the language skills of NLP and solution-focused
    questioning with  EFT to work at deeper levels with clients and get
    you and them the results you are seeking - fast and elegantly. 



Once you decide that you want to learn more about NLP, the most important decision is where.

As MSc Psychologists we offer a qualitatively different unforgettable accelerated experience and come highly recommended from the man himself, the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler. We have worked alongside Richard for the past 6 years at his London NLP and hypnosis trainings. In addition we have worked with the President of the Society of NLP, the incredible and inspiring John LaValle at his NLP Trainer Training in London. For the past 6 years we have also assisted the superbly skilled change-agent Paul McKenna in his NLP, hypnosis and positivity trainings. We've worked with the world's best in the field and have so much to share with you to enrich your skills, knowledge, understanding and potential.

And we bring NLP together for you in a unique integrated way that harnesses and extends its potential. We are the heartbeat of NLP.

Beware of providers without the right background and experience who are distant from the source of NLP. Check their credentials. You wouldn’t trust your health to an untrained person, so why put your professional development in the hands of someone without the right professionalism and your interests at heart.

We have the right credentials, the right background and experience, and we genuinely care about giving you the best training possible – and we deliver real results that continue to cascade positive benefits right across your life, long after the training has ended.



This is a training you will always remember for all the right reasons. Experience at first hand the laughter, learning, warmth, energy and innovative ideas that get great results fast. Bring along a sense of humour and an open mind. And remember we are experts in our field and can offer you NLP Practitioner, NLP Business Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Business Practitioner, and the NLP Coaching Programme.

Bette Davis once said 'if you want a job done well, ask a couple of old broads to do it'. We have - Kath Temple and Linda Pope! Kath is a business psychologist at the cutting edge, innovative and edgy and committed to making a real difference. She is an NLP Master, NLP Trainer and NLP Business Practitioner and has assisted the creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler, and Paul McKenna for 6 years at Society of NLP trainings in London. In 2004 she was proud to assist the wonderful John La Valle at the Society's NLP Trainer Trainings in London. She is ably assisted by Linda Pope an international trainer, graduate member of the CIPD, and all-round superstar. Linda is also an NLP Master, NLP Trainer and has assisted Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and John La Valle.


I loved it!!! Thank you! I was so meant to be there! Top marks!! Loved all of it - so many aha moments. This was a totally different and even better experience than NLP Prac. Loved the difference it made in taking what we’d learned even deeper. The idea of Mastery itself was very helpful. I loved all the exercises. Gained confidence in my skills, learned how to use them intuitively and in unconsciously competent ways. Learned how to mix them and merge them to help clients in a variety of ways. Lots more aware of trance, hypnosis and hypnotic language. The list is endless! Will keep you posted! Have already started creating new sales exercises and am also writing a Trainers Masterclass, and changing language in our Development Directory and on my website etc. You just can’t stop at Practitioner level, it isn’t enough!!! Loved it!!!
LYNN DAVIDSON, Management Development Consultant, Everest Head Office, Hertfordshire

The NLP Master Practitioner course has made an enormous difference to the flexibility and effectiveness of my delivery style!  I’ve just returned from running a 2-day intensive programme around how to ‘Create a Values-Driven organization’ for the 11-strong management team of a private healthcare company… and it went really, really well with top marks on my course evaluation sheets along with some really complementary comments!  Thank you so much for the wanton generosity and love that you bestowed on me (& us!) over the Masters course. I can’t find words to describe the whole experience – maybe Milton could help out at this point! What a great group of people brought together at the right time and in the right place. Fab!!! 
CHRIS MONK, Managing Director, Four Firs Consultancy

Just a short note to say thank you for a fantastic course.
You are always fantastic of course as far as I am concerned, but I just wanted to say that I appreciate the efforts you go to in order to give the very best learning experience for everyone – it really does shine through. Also probably long overdue, but the thought came to me today whilst swimming: I am fortunate to be extremely wealthy in the network of people that I have, you most certainly are one of the brightest shining jewels in the crown I am fortunate enough to wear. Great facilitation of learning. Enjoyed the additional content, handouts, and hero’s journey, the metaprogram exercise, the metaphor and story stuff, meta model input, the stuff around NLP in training and NLP in business too. Learned so much knowledge and skills that are now embedded. So many more ideas for using the tools like timelines, use of stories and metaphor, so much more on trance induction and deepening, using touch for rapid inductions. Superbly rich learning environment facilitated. Great attention to skilfull planning. Great generosity of spirit evident!
EITHNE LEMING, Headteacher

Full marks! Reinstalled confidence in my ability to fully use the tools. As usual your inspiration and knowledge were key/Ki! Practical exercises excellent to reinforce. ‘Guests’ added a different dimension too. Many, many, many cool skills and techniques really embedded. Learned how to let go of the need to ‘script’ my work, and for control. Learned to go with the flow and trust my ability to improvise. My favourites were the reinforcement of metaprograms, reframing in all sorts of ways, the learning and training stuff, the language work and tonality work, and the need for focus and what happens when you lose it. I have already used it to coach my partner for a job interview - and she got it! Will also use it to help other family and friends. In training I’ll use the ABC, SQ4R, SSC stuff, and also generally in my work. I’ll help my clients to change their lives rather than just their jobs! Thanks Kath, once again you have given me a recahrge and helped me to realise how I can best use my own resources.
PAUL DAVIES, Bizz Fizz Coach, Derbyshire


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