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Training the Trainers

Create & Deliver Inspiring & Motivating Trainings That Touch Hearts
and Change Minds, Training for Leading-Edge Trainers


See our Course Diary for the latest Training The Trainers Course Dates.

Imagine being able to really engage people and create training with that extra oomph and leading edge. Think of how cool it will be to create and anchor powerful resourceful states within yourself to ensure you maintain your energy, enthusiasm, flexibility and flow - whatever the situation! Learn to use language as a precision tool to create benign and beneficial change.

Great training gets great results! Laced liberally with NLP techniques and with rave reviews this is that 'must have' course you just have to attend!

A four day course to help you to be the difference that makes the difference!

16th-19th May 2012
Just a few spaces left, book quickly, last year's Train the Trainers courses were all sold out!

  • Develop an optimum learning environment
  • Create rapport and develop effective and engaging openers
  • Overcome barriers to learning
  • Explore how adults learn best and why
  • Learn how to programme for success
  • Accelerate learning and enhance retention rates
  • Develop training packs that reinforce learning
  • Identify and analyse training needs
  • Focus on outcomes and set SMART and sassy objectives that motivate
  • Recognise and respond to different learning styles
  • Select the most effective training methods
  • Design powerful and memorable training programmes
  • Overcome fear and self-doubt
  • Establish and maintain a positive personal state
  • Create reference experiences and engage emotions
  • Design and deliver professional presentations
  • Create and use visual aids
  • Analyse your trainer style and its impact
  • Develop greater flexibility to match learner needs
  • Deliver training with flair and credibility
  • Explore and manage group dynamics with confidence
  • Learn how to create and sense ENERGY
  • Manage difficult trainees and difficult situations
  • Evaluate training effectiveness - the Eddie Izzard method!
  • Identify inspiring ways to close training sessions


Mind blowing ideas!

A great course! It can't get any better than this! Thanks Kath - really enjoyed your enthusiasm and energy!
GAIL MORGAN, President, The Federation of Image Consultants

You were magical! Inspirational! Thanks! I know I can make a difference - but now I know I can make a better difference.
LYN SMITH, Positive Health

Thank you for a brilliant course and thank you for helping me to reclaim a lost part of me.
TERENIA MORRISON, Portage Co-ordinator

Motivational, holistic approach, cutting edge alternative methods. This is much more than just a training course, this is personal development too and well worth taking the time out of a busy schedule for. Kath - you are brilliant!!!
SPENCE, Race Equality Council

I learned LOADS! Lots of new knowledge and skills which will really enhance all I do. Thanks!'
ANNIE GRANT, Health Visitor

It was totally different and I think my training will be different as a result. Enjoyed the intro to NLP!
REG VERNON, Community Drug Team

Your total energy, enthusiasm and commitment . Your magic which made the learning magical. Your wide knowledge and experience and the fun, innovative way it was imparted. Special and life changing. So many things on so many levels - intellectual, emotional, spiritual. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! An enormous THANK YOU! You are inspirational!
MELANIE McCABE, Lincoln County Hospital

The way it was delivered, the fact I have gained so much confidence and the fact you made it so personal to each one of us! It was MAGICAL! Just thank you - you're an inspiration!'

An excellent, rousing few days of training. Thank you! Your knowledge, humour and compassion were wonderful. Kathryn, you made us feel 'skilled' again! I learned so much; and had been feeling drained. This course was so exciting - you didn't know what was coming! Loved your treasure chests!'
GAY WHENT, Primary General Advisor

It was refreshing to attend a course where the trainer was disability aware and was sensitive but not over helpful regarding my needs as a disabled person. I really found the course extremely useful and very practical.
ANN YOUNG, Norfolk Disability Awareness Trainers

The immediate impression just from walking in, the effort put in on my behalf, the style was so different, it was wonderful!
JUDY HUNTER, Development Manager, Diversity, London

This was unlike all the other training I've ever undertaken. A fantastic, life changing few days. The building of self-belief and positive anchors, feeling that you can go away from it so positive and almost a month later it's still making me feel good, positive and able to recall it and put it to great use. I can do it! And do it with conviction and knobs on!
MOLLY KIRK, Ipswich Women's Aid

Thank you for an inspirational four days. Keep doing what you do!'
DARYL WORTH, Lincolnshire Association for People with Disabilities

Life changing moments - Kath you moved through my world and made it a better place. I can now do the same for others. Everything related to real life but it was presented in a magical spiritual way - great!

Everything was terrific - the fun whilst learning, the reality of language, the exercises, the trainer and her wonderful sense of humour. Learned to be more confident when it comes to difficult situations in groups. Learned better planning and personal focusing strategies.
RAYCHEL MARCUS, Sexual Health Advisor

Great atmosphere and learning environment. Time went very quickly and I can't believe how much we covered in such a short time! I've got greater confidence and self-belief. This was the most comfortable I have felt in a training session!
KAREENA HODGSON, NCH Youth Housing Project

Keep doing what you are doing cos if someone like me can be constantly enthralled you can do it with everyone!!
HELEN MEADOWS, Mentoring Project, Lincoln

How totally different the approach was - how it gave you - at last the opportunity to be yourself, your true self. Life can be great! Thank you.
LUCY WHITMAN, Health Promotion Officer, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernseyy

Very informative! Lots of things to take away!
JOANNE STAPLES, Sport & Health Development Officer

There was such expansion of awareness - far beyond my/our expectations. The power of the group was expertly and lightly harnessed to take all of us further. The whole experience constantly modelled for us. Wonderful Kath - Thanks a million.
LAURENCE ROUSHAM, Maths Consultant

An experienced trainer who understood our insecurities about the and built our confidence to JUST DO IT!'

One of the best training workshops I have ever been on - thank you!
LINDA BULLIMORE, Norfolk Early Years Support Network

I learned so much and was thrilled to see and experience the added spiritual aspect. Many thanks.
DAWN SEDGWICK, Teacher Mentor

The psychological insights, the interpersonal strategies, the work we did on group dynamics. I have the tools to train with confidence and to have belief in myself. Fascinating. It has helped me beyond the course in my professional life at work in better understanding and managing colleagues. I so much enjoyed the total experience of the training - Train the Trainer. The venue was excellent; the mixture of participants was supportive and pleasant; the training was challenging and entertaining. And you were a terrific tutor Kath! I have benefited so much from the course and have already applied it in my work. The training, which I am currently doing for NMHAP, is successful due to the knowledge I gained on the course. You gave me so many ideas to try and your support gave me confidence in my abilities. I feel privileged to have been a part of that group. My thanks again for such an interesting course and for being such a wonderful role model for training.
ROSEMARY COVELL-LONDON, Norfolk Mental Health Advocacy Project

I loved this course! You’ve restored my faith! Learned SO MUCH!
PAM ARROWSMITH, Pre-School Learning Alliance, Norfolk

Great, I loved it! Very enthusiastic and fun. Feel much more positive and my focus has returned. Brilliant course. I’ve remembered why I teach! Thank you!
DAWN RACKHAM, Norfolk Pre-School Learning Alliance

This course was a ‘springboard’, so motivating and encouraging. So relevant and practical. Kath you acknowledged how we may be feeling right from the beginning and at intervals throughout the course therefore providing reassurance and a trust and security with both yourself and the group. I missed the middle day due to prior commitments and was so disappointed. However you took the trouble to give me the training pack in advance and to fill me in with vital aspects. I learned that I have resources within to do more than I originally thought. That I can be myself and develop my skills. Thank you!
HAZEL MEADOWS, Suffolk Education

Brilliant course. Thanks for all you have given me. I’ve had a huge boost in self-confidence. Learned to look at training in a broader and deeper context and to look at presentations as more than knowledge of content. I now have the ability to change states.
HELEN NOTT, General Advisor

Thank you for an enjoyable and very creative course. What was taught will stay with me for a long time to come. Thank you!!

The colourfulness and variety of what happened is something to aim for in training others.
BOB WOODS, Norfolk Mental Health Advocacy Project

I am now aware that escaping the confines of conventional content driven training courses will enable me to present stimulating programmes that will encourage learners to use all of their senses and remember key points. I learned that its so good to concentrate on your strengths, how people process information in different ways. Thoroughly enjoyed myself as well!

Did I enjoy the course? Yes! A definite top score. One of the great things was the complete lack of cynicism in the group. The aims and objectives of the Training the Trainer were exceeded by a long way. That also goes for the personal goals I brought with me - and kept under wraps - like finding a reason for not abandoning all hope and getting a job filling shelves at Tesco instead. I’ve now had a whole week back at work and still find ideas you planted coming to the surface. Your approach held us all rapt for the full four days. It reminded me a lot of how Clive James defines vivid language - as setting up a tension between the expected and unexpected. Have I gained from the course? I’m certain I have. There is a definite ‘differentness’ about how I see things. The best bits (in no particular order) - the sense that anything’s possible, that collecting together and sharing dreams and thoughts, stories and verse really does have an impact, the lack of cynicism - again, getting a feel for just how inclusive training can be, the amazing idea - that hit me like a wet kipper - that reality is actually all in the mind, seeing F come further into the group over the four days, the venue (very uplifting), the idea that being an introvert is actually about trying to cope with too much mental energy, your interesting taste in music, and much more. What specifically have I learned from the course? A great many ideas, thoughts and techniques to bring to training and groups. One thing in particular - I found the work we did on energy states really useful - sensing and altering them in groups and building up a stock of ways of altering my own. Thanks for everything.
MICK SKIPWORTH, Development Manager, Social Services

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